The Outside World – 4/29/11

By Ian Levy

The Outside World is a weekly recap of the best basketball writing and analysis the internet has to offer.

– Basketball Prospectus gives fans a chance to cast their votes for all the NBA season awards. The results of the Internet Basketball Awards are in.

– Ben Golliver has some grades for the key participants in the Mavericks-Blazers series, Hawks-Magic series, and the Lakers-Hornets series.

– A miracle has taken place in Sacramento, with the league making a recommendation to the Maloof brothers to keep the Kings where they are.

Rob Mahoney pushes back against the rising tide of Russell Westbrook negativity.

– Love movies? Love basketball? How about some careful drawn analogies connecting the two? The Denver Nuggets as Gattaca. The Oklahoma City Thunder as The Breakfast Club. The 76ers and the Heat as The Fast and The Furious.

Did Frank Vogel do enough to win Indiana’s Head Coaching job?

– Sebastian Pruiti breaks down the three key plays that allowed San Antonio to force overtime in Game 5. A quick two, a long two and a clutch three-pointer.

– John Hollinger takes a look at what might be next for the Denver Nuggets.

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One Response to "The Outside World – 4/29/11"

  1. Wally   May 3, 2011 at 11:44 am

    As much as I’m disappointed in the Bulls slow starts, very inconsistent and sloppy play … and resulting loss last night, I have to give credit to ATL’s Joe Johnson last night. He was unbelievable with clutch three’s (5/5) and seemingly made a big hoop every time the Bulls threatened to pull away in the 3rd. Jamal Crawford was also pretty clutch for the Hawks. Disturbing that ATL shot that well … IN CHICAGO … but it happened.

    More disturbing is probably the condition of Derrick Rose’s ankle. 🙁

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