The Outside World – 1/28/11

The Outside World

The Outside World is a weekly recap of the best basketball writing and analysis the internet has to offer.

– If the decline in their record isn’t enough to convince you of LeBron James’ impact on the Cavaliers, check out these numbers from Neil Paine. This year’s Cavs have seen the biggest drop one season drop in eFG% in NBA history. They have also seen the biggest one year increase in eFG% allowed in NBA history.

Anyone want to watch Kobe Bryant killing it in high school?

– With essentially the same roster the Spurs have gone from a 25-18 start last season to a 37-7 start this year. Is something really different? Or are we looking at an anomaly that will even out over the course of the season?

– Royan Cruff makes an excellent argument that pace may not be the most accurate gauge of the speed a team plays at. In this post he unveils the speed index, or how far into the shot clock a team takes it’s shots.

– One of the hottest topics for discussions has been the MVP candidacies of Derrick Rose and Amare Stoudemire. How much of this discussion is based on actual production and how much is coming from the revival of two of the NBA’s more storied franchises? Matt McHale compiles opinions from around the web on Rose. M. Haubs from The Painted Area is a little frustrated with the direction of the discussion.

Ethan Sherwood-Strauss offers some opinions on the long-term viability of a Curry/Ellis backcourt in Golden State. The line of the piece – “Monta’s freelance positioning can eat at the integrity of the unit–like if you decided to take an airplane wing and glue it to the aircraft’s nose.”

– Ranking the Top 30 High School programs in the country in terms of their production of an NBA talent is certainly an audacious undertaking. Here’s the first look

There is nearly a 400 million dollar difference between the most valuable NBA franchise and the least valuable franchise. Owning an NBA team is an exclusive club, but there’s still tiers in this small society.

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3 Responses to "The Outside World – 1/28/11"

  1. Wally   January 28, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    Speaking of Derick Rose, the Bulls are now essentially tied with Miami for the #2 seed in the East. Recognize it is quite early to speculate on playoff seedings, etc. HOWEVER, the Bulls are really gelling as a team and in another week may have Joakim Noah back from injury. At the moment, I don’t view the Bulls to be on the same level with Boston, Miami and Orlando (who they play tonight), but they have the potential to get there by season’s end. I’m very enthused again about Bulls hoops.

    I think the Big 10 is slowly revealing what they are this year … what they are is Ohio State and then a bunch of third tier teams that might scratch the Top 25. Of course, this conclusion is reached after MSU falls at home to Michigan and Illinois dumps one at lowly Indiana last night. Sheeeeesh.

    WHY DOES Notre Dame NOT PLAY ANOTHER GAME UNTIL FEB 3 ???? I don’t understand that … too early for mid-terms.

  2. Rey   January 30, 2011 at 7:00 pm

    Has the NBA reprimanded Garnett yet for the groin punch on Channing Frye??? Call me soft, but this seems a bit harsh even if he intended to hit him in the stomach. Just listen to the dialogue between Marc Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy once they see the replay.

  3. Crash   February 4, 2011 at 5:57 pm

    No way was David Stern going to suspend Garnett for the Celtic/Laker game in LA last Sunday ! What a joke !

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